About Euroslam

The poor environmental state of the Baltic Sea is well-known and needs to be addressed jointly by all countries comprising the sea. The Euroslam project is a cross border effort to share knowledge and develop sustainable methods of sewage sludge handling in eight partner municipalities around the South Baltic Sea.


The sewage sludge from waste water treatment plants is disposed in lagoons and landfills which causes eutrophication when leaking into the sea. The technology for solving the problem is available but has yet been adopted in large scale waste water treatment plants only. Since most plants in the South Baltic Sea are small or medium sized, now is time for downscaling the technology, adjust and implement at small scale facilities.


The adaptation of technologies for small scale installations includes the following essential steps
– Anaerobic digestion for biogas production
Biogas utilisation as a renewable energy source
– Nutrients recycling by biosolid utilisationin agriculture

These three steps are the core of the Euroslam project and form the method, divided into three sub projects (components).


Please browse the website or contact the participating partners to find more information about the project.