New technologies on waste water and sludge treatment

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Seventy persons joined the final Euroslam study tour. The tour went to a number of waste water treatment plants and one university campus in the Skåne region and the purpose was the study of new water treatment and resource recycling technologies.

Visitors from Poland, Lithuania, and Russia joined the tour. One of the persons present was the Swedish Consul General in Kaliningrad, Anders Troedsson. He took the opportunity to learn more about waste water treatment technologies and their potential to contribute to waste water treatment in Kaliningrad.


Challenges for sludge and wastewater treatment discussed

The fact that it is cheaper to buy nutrients instead of extracting them from the sludge is one clearly identified bottleneck for introducing a sustainable wastewater treatment process. That was the general opinion of the audience of the conference Sludge and Wastewater Treatment for the Future, held in Gdansk on the 23-24th of September.

Legislation was also pinpointed as a bottleneck. Legislation often causes different obstacles and can be hard for municipalities to comply with when trying to create sustainable and economically viable solutions.
The conference in Gdansk was the second conference in a series of events within the EU co-financed project Euroslam. The participants were given presentations on how the current situation for wastewater treatment plants in Poland, Lithuania and Sweden is, but also how municipalities have chosen to work with the sludge problem, based on national legislation and local conditions.


Newsletter Euroslam 5th edition 2014

Euroslam Newsletter 5th editionThe topic of the 5th edition is how municipalities in Sweden cooperate to improve their sludge handling, to produce biogas fule for vehicles and to spread sludge on farm land as a fertilizer.

Newsletter 5th edition 2014

Newsletter Euroslam 4th edition 2014

Euroslam newsletter 4th editionThis edition of the newsletter describes a method of how to extract nutrients from sludge. Ekobalans Fenix AB has a pilot installation at the wastewater treatment plant in Helsingborg in Sweden.

Newsletter 4th edition 2014


Newsletter 3rd edition 2013


This edition of the Euroslam newsletter describes the work done by Höganäs Municipality.

Newsletter 3rd edition 2013


Newsletter 2nd edition 2013


The 2nd edition of Euroslam newsletter focuses on a new system implemented by Östra Göinge municipality as a part of the project.

Newsletter 2nd edition 2013


Euroslam in a Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri


Project Manager Kamil Zajaczkowski was interviewed in an article that was published in one of a major newspapers in Sweden Dagens Industri on 15th November 2013 for COP 19 in Warsaw.

A full-size article is available here.


Heavy metal analysis

hoganasAn essential segment of Euroslam is the analysis and tracking of heavy metals in the wastewater-system. The municipalities are currently installing samplers at their wastewater-grids in order to locate the source of the heavy metal pollution.





Newsletter 1st edition 2013

euroslam_newsletter_1_sThe first edition of euroslam newsletter has now been published and distributed. You can read the newsletter here.


Fertilizers from sludge produced by Ekobalans


The Swedish company Ekobalans has produced a fertilizer from sludge without any heavy metals or chemical substances. The company gave a presentation “Retrieving nutrients from sludge” at our project meeting in Hoganas in September 2012. The article on the following link has been published by Sydsvenskan, one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden on 1st April 2013.


Please note that the article is written in Swedish, however you can look at a picture of the product by clicking number 2 between the picture and the titel.